Do you know your leadership communication superpower?

Do you know how to advocate confidently for yourself as a femal leader? Not yet?

Then put away the distractions and tune into my conversation with the one and only Tiffany Uman.

I am thrilled to be joined by one of my alltime favorite podcast guests. And as a matter of fact, she’s probably a favorite of yours too if you’ve been listening to the Communicate to Lead podcast for a while.

If you’ve been following my podcast fro a while, you might remember her from the viral 2022 interview, “Nail Your Next Job Interview With Tiffany’s 3 C’s.” It’s one of our all-time hits. And if you still need to check it out, you can catch that episode HERE.

But if you’re new to Tiffany, she’s not just any guest. She’s a globally recognized Career Strategy Coach and Workplace Expert. In her previous life, she climbed the corporate ladder at L’Oreal, scoring an astounding 7 promotions in under a decade. Today, her mission is to empower high-achievers like you to reach the top 1% in your careers without sacrificing your well-being. Plus, she’s a LinkedIn instructor, and her insights are gold.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

  • Tiffany Uman suggests advocating for yourself by asking “What wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t there?” to unlock clarity and focus on personal impact and value as a leader.
  • Tiffany talks about balancing vulnerability and empathy in leadership, and challenging gender norms.
  • She offers tips on how to communicate achievements effectively without appearing arrogant or boastful.
  • We dive into strategies to help you ask for more specific and actionable feedback for professional growth.
  • Tiffany discusses how you can proactively align with opportunities through strategic conversations.

Get ready to explore the world of career coaching, mentorship, and personal growth. You’ll discover Tiffany’s latest updates on her coaching business, how it’s transforming clients’ careers, and her proudest achievements this year, including launching a mentorship program and becoming a LinkedIn learning instructor.

Go check out Tiffany’s website for details on her two core programs, ‘Inevitable Success,’ a group mentorship program, and ‘Career Success Fast Track,‘ designed for career acceleration. Tiffany is here to support your journey and leadership path to success!

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