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In this week’s episode, Kele has an informative conversation with Naomi Tucker, founder of Planners on Purpose. The company provides event planners with productivity tools and strategies, empowering them to avoid burnout and lead a more balanced life.

Naomi Tucker, CMP, is a Customer Success Director at Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc. and a Past President of MPI Wisconsin. She has more than twenty-five years of experience in managing meetings and events. Today, Naomi supports corporations with business strategies for their meetings management programs and empowers driven and ambitious event planners out of burnout and overwhelm and into being more confident, productive, and well-balanced planners.

In the conversation, Naomi shares helpful habits and great resources to help you overcome burnout and have more productive days. She also discusses her leadership experience, how leaders must shape their vision to align with others, and how to accomplish that goal.

In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

  • The importance of stepping away and preventing burnout and why it can be hard to do.
  • Small strategies you can use every day to prevent burnout.
  • Reframing your vision, so it aligns with your team or your manager.
  • Leading where you are and how to lead up with respect.
  • Three effective ways to be more productive.
  • Naomi offers three great book recommendations: Atomic Habits by James Clear, Who Not How by Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt.

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