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Bob Jordan is co-founder and head of leadership at interim execs based in Chicago. They specialize in placing leaders in the right positions at the right time. Bob is also co-author of the book Right Leader, Right Time.

In our conversation, Bob talks about the importance of having the right people in the right positions and his recently published book, Right Leader, Time which he co-authored with Olivia Wagner.

Here’s a snapshot of our conversation:

  • Bob discusses why the business world has become a lot more project-based and what that means for interim executives.
  • We can’t simply practice being better leaders. Ultimately we have to implement the skills we’ve learned.
  • What very successful executives do, especially if there’s a crisis: the first thing the leader needs to do is listen, and not just listen to the people on the board, but get down on the shop floor, get down to the administrative assistants, and listen, because this collective intelligence at most organizations, it’s already there.
  • Bob breaks down the four styles of leaders, namely Fixer, Artist, Builder, and Strategist.
  • The Fixer – this person is a leader who will keep returning to the burning building. The Fixer always needs a situation to fix or a problem to solve. If there is none? The Fixer will break something so that they have something to fix.
  • The Artist – this leader views their world like a canvas or a piece of clay to be molded.
  • The Builder – A builder has market domination on the brain and can grow and scale a small team to dominate the industry or develop a particular product until it’s the most popular product.
  • The Strategist – The Strategist is a leader who can deal with complex and large organizations.
  • Bob also discusses the three pillars someone needs to excel in leadership: 1. Embrace your particular leadership style. 2. Collaborate consistently. 3. Solve problems.

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