Do you know your leadership communication superpower?

Taking ownership of your career is possible when you work with a career strategy coach who makes it seem effortless.

On today’s podcast, my guest, Tiffany Uman, takes us through her journey as a leader at a Fortune 500 company, why she started her business, and the strategies you can apply immediately to set yourself up for career success.

Here’s today’s episode at a glance:

  • Tiffany discusses the blind spots we all have that are potentially crippling our career growth.
  • She delves into why employee retention is one of the most significant challenges leaders face today.
  • The reason why quiet quitting has bubbled to the surface even though it’s not a new phenomenon.
  • She offers what managers can do instead of trying to whip their teams into shape.
  • Speaking up and communicating with your boss is necessary to keep them informed of what you’re up to at work. If you don’t speak up, they won’t know how best to support you.
  • Tiffany shares the 3C’s you can use to prepare for your next job interview effectively.
  • You’ll also learn some tried and tested strategies you can use to negotiate your next salary package or increase.

Grab Tiffany’s free guide and watch the replay of her masterclass, as mentioned on the show. Click the links below to go to her free resources:

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About Tiffany Uman:

Tiffany Uman is a former Fortune 500 Senior Director with 13+ years of experience turned Career Strategy Coach empowering ambitious professionals to fast-track their career success and crush their goals in record time without compromising their well-being.

She achieved 7 promotions in under 10 years, was Head of Marketing on multi-million dollar brands, was named an internal transformation change agent, and was named Top Coach 2021 by Coach Foundation. She graduated summa cum laude from McGill University and received an executive business certification from MIT.

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