Do you know your leadership communication superpower?

Have you ever asked your team to trust you without actually putting in the work?

If your team doesn’t know you or know what to expect from you, they will not trust you. You can kiss collaboration, communication, and innovation goodbye.

Teams cannot function effectively or succeed without trust. And as much as we think it’s everyone’s responsibility to build trust, it must start with you as the leader. You need to show your team why they can and should trust you.

In today’s episode, I touch on six strategies to help you immediately build trust with your team. Some are easier than others, but all of them will help you cultivate an environment of trust and connection.

Get ready to take a deeper dive into:

  • The different ways you can authentically connect with your team by applying some easy ideas and tips.
  • Understanding why honesty and transparency are vital to forging trust with your team.
  • Showing your team you are equipped to lead them and sharing your expertise and skills.
  • How you can build trust by asking your team for feedback and acting on it whenever possible.
  • Why being consistent in your words and actions can increase your team’s level of confidence in you.
  • The importance of appreciating your team beyond their paycheck and the pay-off for you and your company or business.

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