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Leadership is an assignment, not a position with Ayana Blount

With her thought-provoking statement, Ayana Blount sets the stage for her thought leadership.

Ayana, also known as The Passion Strategist, believes that as a leader, there’s something you
are supposed to do, something you are supposed to give, and something you are supposed to leave behind. 

When you think of your leadership, what are you doing to transform the lives of those you’re
leading? Tune in to this week’s episode to hear Ayana drop some truths, impart wisdom and
inspire us to craft a legacy that’s worth celebrating.

Ayana is a coach, strategist, speaker, author, and innovator. She is known for her engaging
speaking style, creative visualization, and strategic planning skills. Her passion for engaging, empowering, and encouraging innovators helps her clients transcend tough times and see their

Recognized as a thought leader, community advocate, and transformational influencer, Ayana has been sought after by community-based and corporate leaders alike. She has successfully planned, hosted, and executed community resource fairs securing dozens of corporate partnerships. Over the last ten years, these relationships have yielded school supplies, workforce, housing, and utility resources for over 500 families and underprivileged children.

Ayana is the success coach who inspires entrepreneurs to see themselves as creatives. If
you’re still in doubt, listen in to hear Ayana speak firsthand about her leadership journey and why she believes comparing ourselves isn’t serving us.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

  • [3:24] Understanding what gives you joy in your business and the legacy you want to
    leave for your loved ones.
  • [6:06] Why it’s essential to seek out authenticity over applause and the fact that we all have a measure of creativity that lives inside of us. We get to decide if we live out that creativity as a leader.
  • [7:02] Learn more about Ayana’s three-pronged strategy that can help you live out your creativity as an entrepreneur and leader.
  • [7:17] That success is not a cookie-cutter journey.
  • [7:43] The one question that leaders should have posed to them, probably annually, to
    ensure they keep a finger on the pulse.
  • [9:03] Leadership is about giving or setting the example and about receiving and being
    led by others.
  • [9:27] Why she disagrees with the belief that the leader’s job is to encourage everyone else, but they don’t need any encouragement.
  • [10:35] How leaders can ask for what they need engagingly and interactively.
  • [12:07] Why being intentional is essential in communicating your vision and getting your team to buy into it.
  • [16:14] How you can break through constantly trying to prove yourself and instead focus on the impact you can make.
  • [16:35] Why it’s essential to embrace yourself fully, so you don’t find yourself in
    competition with others.
  • [19:47] How introverted leaders can arm themselves with universal questions to ensure they don’t have to do all the talking and the meeting or networking event is an interactive and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • [24:25] Why leadership is an assignment and not a position.

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