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Transparency, Respect, And Trust Are The Cornerstones Of Great Leadership

In this week’s episode, Kele has a candid conversation with Athena Trede, deputy director of Administrative Services at the City of San José. As the only woman on the executive leadership team of the San José Fire Department, Athena understands the importance of navigating tough conversations with transparency and a significant level of respect.

Athena shares the lessons she’s learned in her more than 25 years of experience in public service with the City of San José. She has navigated her career path through various positions in operations, administrative support, and management that have all shaped her devotion and desire for her and her teams to do their best every day.

In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

  • Why it’s crucial to have transparent and honest conversations with your team and always solicit feedback.
  • The importance of explaining your “why” when communicating your vision, so others buy into it.
  • Having empathy for those who disagree with decisions that have been made.
  • How to build trust by allowing your team to get to know you.
  • Why great leaders are those who break the golden rule.

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