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Being Uncomfortable Is Part of Brave Leadership With Katie Fredricksen

“If people don’t have the willingness to lean into discomfort, to have a hard conversation, the uncertainty, the vulnerability of a hard conversation, it doesn’t matter how skilled they are; they’re not going to do it.” – Katie Fredricksen

In this week’s episode, I’m having a conversation with Katie Fredricksen, a Leadership Development Professional, Executive Coach, and Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. 

For over 25 years, Katie has worked in partnership with individuals and teams to help strengthen critical thinking skills, engage in courageous conversations, and build trust and strong connections. As a facilitator, consultant and coach, she wholeheartedly believes that we all deserve to love what we do. Katie’s committed to helping others cultivate more aliveness and engagement in their lives and work.

Katie has had the privilege of working with and for various organizations, giving her a breadth of experience that enhances her adaptability and knowledge and allows her to meet a client where they are. Her strength lies in her natural curiosity, resourcefulness, and constant desire to learn, grow, and guide her clients to become brave and bold leaders.

Listen in as Katie share’s her unique story of how she started her life’s work when she was in high school after a very transformational experience in a peer counseling program. She has been doing leadership development work her entire life.

Here’s the episode at a glance:

  1. Katie shares why she finally chose to work for herself after many years of working with various organizations.
  2. She talks about how her core value of “growth” has helped her in her development journey and how she helps her clients grow.
  3. We get into the benefit of bringing your whole self to work and why welcoming all the different voices and opinions adds depth to our culture.
  4. Katie believes the most significant challenge that leaders face today is that teams are feeling disconnected and she discusses how we can navigate that successfully.
  5. You’ll hear more about her favorite communication tip and why really listening cultivates an environment of connectedness.

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