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Your primary leadership communication style is…


Your quiz results are based on the DISC model, focusing on the four primary styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the four styles:

Dominance-style leaders

They are driven, direct, and decisive. They focus on getting results and value clear, concise communication and directness. They appreciate when a team member gets straight to the point and dislike unnecessary details or ambiguity.

Influence-style leaders

They are enthusiastic, charming, and persuasive. They value building positive relationships and enjoy working collaboratively with their teams. They appreciate open communication and will likely encourage everyone to share ideas and collaborate.

Steadiness-style leaders

They are patient, calm, and dependable. They value strong relationships and cooperation over competition. Effective listening skills are important to them, and they appreciate when others take the time to listen to their ideas and concerns.

Conscientiousness-style leaders

They are detail-oriented, analytical, and diplomatic. They value logical reasoning and base their decisions on facts and data. Their communication is usually clear and structured, helping their teams understand exactly what is expected of them.

Remember, no one falls completely within one DiSC profile style. Everyone has a unique mix of DISC styles, and each style has its strength and areas for growth.

This quiz focuses on your most dominant traits. Use these insights to build on your strengths, work on your areas of improvement, and communicate effectively with different colleagues. Your DISC style is not meant to box you in but to help you gain self-awareness and the ability to adapt and grow as a leader.

Let's talk about you and your primary leadership communication style: Conscientiousness.

You bring a high degree of precision and efficiency to your leadership role. Your attention to detail, careful planning, and commitment to quality ensure that your team delivers top-notch results. You are diplomatic in your communication and excel at strategic planning and systematic implementation.

Congratulations on demonstrating the qualities of a Conscientiousness-style leader!

Here's what makes your leadership communication style exceptional:

  1. Attention to Detail: You’re methodical in your communication, ensuring that your team has clear, detailed instructions. This reduces misunderstandings and increases efficiency.

  2. Thoughtful Analysis: You take the time to consider all aspects of a situation before communicating about it. This leads to informed and wise decisions that are respected by your team.

  3. Precision: Your precise communication ensures everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. This clarity enables your team to work effectively and confidently.

  4. Integrity: Your commitment to accuracy and truthfulness promotes a culture of honesty and trust within your team.

  5. Systematic Approach: You approach tasks and projects methodically, which helps in clearly communicating timelines, roles, and objectives.

These qualities make you a reliable and trustworthy leader. Your team appreciates your thoroughness, your clear communication, and your integrity. You set high standards for yourself and your team, which pushes everyone to deliver their best.

However, even with these strengths, there are always areas where you can improve, and recognizing these is essential for your continued growth. Remain open to feedback and don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone. Your dedication to constant improvement will only enhance your strong leadership skills.

It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong.

Are you ready to empower your team and achieve your biggest goals yet?

Yes, you are! And the best part is you don’t have to do everything all at once. Start with one strategy and then take it from there. Your team is so lucky to have you as their leader; they are hungry for your guidance, support, and praise.

You can empower your team to achieve remarkable results by continuously improving your leadership and communication skills.

I’m going to offer you FIVE detailed and actionable strategies that you, as a Conscientiousness-style leader, can implement to reach your goals while empowering your team in the process. Here is your first (the following four will be delivered to your email inbox):

Build Personal Connections

As a Conscientiousness-style leader, you often have a strong focus on tasks, data, and procedures. While this attention to detail is valuable, it can sometimes come at the cost of personal connections. Your team might perceive you as distant, unapproachable and excessively critical. This lack of connection can lead to reduced morale and commitment among team members.


  • Actively and intentionally work to build and foster personal connections with your team. Understand that relationships are crucial for your team’s success. Engaging with them on a personal level not only boosts cooperation but can also give you insight into how to motivate and support them effectively.

Actionable Steps you can apply immediately:

  • Regular one-on-ones – Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with each team member, and make a point to discuss work-related topics and ask them about their personal interests, hobbies, and family. Show genuine interest in their lives outside of work.
  • Team-building activities – Organize and actively participate in team-building activities that are not necessarily work-related. This could include team lunches, outings, or games. This will show your team that you value them as individuals and not just for the work they do.
  • Share personal stories – Occasionally share personal stories and experiences with your team. This could be a lesson you learned early in your career or a hobby you’re passionate about. This will humanize you in the eyes of your team.



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