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This is a podcast for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to clarify their message, inspire others to take action, and make an impact. Whether you’re leading yourself, your team, or your clients, effective communication is key to being an influential leader.

Communicate to Lead is a bi-weekly podcast providing tips, tools, and strategies to help you communicate with confidence and clarity. Whether you want to learn how to listen more deeply, leverage storytelling when sharing your vision, or master the art of giving actionable feedback, this show has it all: candid conversations with leaders about their leadership journeys as well as deep dives into mindset, executive presence and communicating for impact.

I’m your host, Kele Belton. I’m a communications expert and leadership coach. Having worked with leaders at Netflix, Bank of America, Facebook, Fidelity Investments, John Muir Health, and Uber, I know firsthand the challenges and obstacles that leaders face every day.

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