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May 17th - May 21st, 2021

Kele Belton

Know exactly how to introduce yourself powerfully and effectively so it resonates with any audience.

Get clear on what's holding you back from being a confident speaker and what you should do about it.

Connect with an audience even when you have pre-presentation jitters.

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Confidently say yes to any networking invitation.

What others say

“Kele is amazing! In working with Kele, she was excited and determined to help me. My personal goal was to find confidence in my voice, and to trust myself with what I had to say. Kele was very encouraging and worked with me side-by-side. After working with her, I felt very confident and clear about who I am, and how I can help others, plus be able to vocalize it! As an introvert, it is very important to have someone like Kele to help me get that  tailored approach. Thank you Kele!

Naomi Tucker
Kendal Norman

“If you’re looking to improve your communication skills but you’re nervous about receiving criticism, Kele will put you right at ease. Her feedback is always delivered with a healthy does of kindness and support. She has a ton of knowledge but you’ll never see her being condescending about it. She’s helpful, down-to-earth, and loads of fun to learn from!”

Hi, I'm Kele

I’m an introvert who was terrified of standing up and presenting or speaking in front of an audience. Before my presentations in school I would literally memorize every single word because I thought it was the only way I could deliver my written message perfectly.

On the day of the presentation I would refrain from wearing dangly earrings because I recall a classmate once made fun of me being so terrified of speaking in front of my class, that everyone could see my earrings shaking.


I knew that this was no way to live . . . 

. . . but I think it was this fear that pushed me to the communications field. What if I could learn all the skills I needed to become a stronger and more comfortable speaker? I learned everything I could and more.


Now, when I speak, people listen and ask for my thoughts. They see me as the expert. 

Today I help women just like you – introverts who are afraid to step into their own spotlight – overcome the fear and the hesitation and the anxiety that come with speaking in public . . . and to realize that you have a special, unique gift and personality that will make you successful.

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