Do you know your leadership communication superpower?

Introverts have so many superpowers and we can learn a few things from our extroverted friends. The focus of this video is three simple actions introverts can take today.

The first lesson we can learn, is to step outside our comfort zones. I know, doing something new and different every day can seem exhausting. I can imagine it might even be the last thing you want to do, given the strange world we live in right now. You don’t have to step outside your comfort zone every day. How about stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries once a week?

Lesson number two is learning to ask for help. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. Extroverts are comfortable asking for help, asking for feedback and support. If you don’t ask, you’ll miss the opportunity to expand your support network.

As introverts our tendency is usually to go internal and obsessively think about a new idea instead of reaching out to a trusted friend or colleague to ask for feedback and support. But what if you took courage and asked someone for feedback? Imagine how that could propel you forward faster.

The third lesson is to believe you’re a leader. Let me say it again, “You are a leader.” You don’t have to wait for someone else to tell you that. You don’t have to wait for an official title before you see yourself as one. You’re a leader in your field, you’re the expert. Act like one.

We expect leaders to make decisions, take charge and take calculated risks. So many times, my clients are paralyzed by overthinking and overanalyzing a situation instead of making a decision. When you don’t make a decision, you can’t take action or move forward. If you don’t make a decision, you don’t get any feedback. It’s not about losing or winning. Marie Forleo said, “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” This is such a great mantra to live by. Are you ready to win and learn?

Comment and let me know what you’re committing to. What one thing will you do to step outside your comfort zone over the next few weeks?

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